Elementary Art Program
Elementary Flexible Seating
JLSF awarded several grants, totaling approx. $1,500, to place flexible seating in one classroom at each elementary school building. Flexible seating increases academic performance, participation and behavior, core strength and posture, and reduces restlessness while improving attention
and focus.
JMMS and JHS VR Goggles
JLSF gave a $2,089 grant to JMMS and a $3,285 grant to JHS for virtual reality sets that allow students to participate in virtual environments that fulfill state standards and create a memorable experience. They can take virtual field trips and take tests that are integrated with the virtual world they are experiencing.
Symphony Field Trip
JLSF awarded this $800 grant for third graders across the district to go to the Canton Symphony Orchestra’s Young People’s Concert. Classical music boosts memory, sparks creativity, and reduces stress levels. This trip was taken right before third grade testing.
JSA and JAGS Leadership
During JLSF's first grant cycle, we awarded $2,054 for JSA and JAGS to bring in Ted Weise for three days to speak with freshman classes on leadership and the idea of working with upper classmen. JAGS and JSA are involved throughout the district, including at the elementary and middle schools, so this grant had an impact throughout the school district.
Kindergarten Hatcheries
JLSF awarded a $1,000 grant to a kindergarten class at Sauder for egg hatcheries. This allowed students to see a chick grow and hatch. Students journaled during this unique experience. Kindergarten teachers plan to get new eggs each year.
LEGO We Do Kits
JLSF awarded over $2,600 for Lego We-Do kits for all elementary buildings. Lego We-Do kits align with science and math standards across all grade levels.
ROX Program for Girls
In our third grant cycle, JLSF awarded a $5,000 grant to bring the ROX Program to our school district. ROX supports social and emotional health, communication, girl drama/bullying, body image, and more for girls in 5th, 7th, and 9th grades.
In our second grant cycle, JLSF awarded $4,475 in grants for STEM bins, STEAM bins, and fine motor manipulatives for Lake Cable and Amherst. The activities the students can do with these supplies allow them to build confidence in their problem solving skills.
Social Thinking Training
JLSF awarded a $2,420 grant to Mrs. Cline to be trained in Social Thinking. Social Thinking is a methodology by which you can intervene with students who are having a hard time
socially interacting with others (such as reading a room through body language or emotions).
Electric Car Kit
JLSF awarded a $5,030 grant to JMMS for an electric car kit for students to build and race. When the students wanted to continue to improve their car at JHS, we awarded a $2,750 grant for JMMS to purchase a second kit.
"JMMS greatly appreciates the support of the Jackson Local Schools Foundation. We would not be able to provide innovative programming such as the Electric Car Project without such support. It makes jumping in that cold water seem not quite so bad!" - Mr. Carter
Reading Recovery
JLSF awarded a $440 grant for Ms. Lenhart to attend a national reading recovery conference.
"I will be forever thankful to the Jackson Local Schools Foundation for this grant! The knowledge that was gained at this conference continues to impact student learning. Thank you, again, for this amazing opportunity!" - Ms. Lenhart
JMMS Zome Geometry Club
JLSF award over $1,000 to start a ZOME Geometry Club for 20 students in 6th-8th grade to experience expanded curriculum and higher order thinking.
Elementary Tabletop Harps
JHS New 2 You Program
JLSF gave a $540 grant for "News 2 You" subscriptions, which features weekly news and recipes that address reading and math curriculum. The grant also covered cooking supplies for one year.
Culinary Field Trip
JLSF awarded a $3,000 grant awarded to JHS's culinary program to take a field trip to the Culinary Institute of America and Tavern on the Green in New York.
JHS Water Bottle Station
Heart Rate Sensors
JHS Robotics Club
In our fifth grant cycle, JLSF awarded $5,300 to start a JHS Robotics Club. This group is able to enhance their STEM education, as well as compete with area schools and perform community outreach activities.
JMMS Spheros Robots
JHS Top Youth Speaker
Christmas Carol Field Trip
YA Author Visit
JHS Film Club
Kindergarten Sensory Tables
Oral Storytelling Centers
ACT Certified Educator
A $1,500 grant for ACT Certified Educator Training awarded to Mrs. Myers for JHS students
Cubelets and Sphero RVR
JLSF awarded a $1,027.04 grant for Sphero RVR and Cubelets to Ms. Dretke and Mr. Hartley for JMMS students.
3D Printer (DigiLab)
JLSF awarded a grant for $1,044.21 for Printing with the Dremel DigiLab, awarded to Ms. Dretke and Mr. Hartley for JMMS students
Blacktop Games
A grant for $2,266.38 for a fun black top face lift was awarded to Ms. Scaffide for elementary school students.
Mindfulness Training
A $1,196 grant for a yoga mindfulness pilot was awarded to Ms. Scaffide for Lake Cable Elementary's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders.
Universal Design for Learning
JLSF awarded $5,000 for Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Professional Development awarded to Mrs. Myers for the entire district
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