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Your monetary gift will support:


Teachers have innovative ideas.


The foundation provides grants that enrich the core curriculum, inspire students and staff, and expand community involvement.

Special Projects

Schools districts have unique needs.


The Foundation funds district projects that enhance learning and increase community involvement in ways the traditional budget cannot.


Students have dreams.


The Foundation provides scholarships to current students who have unique learning opportunities

Endowment Fund

Our endowment is housed with the Stark Community Foundation.

In-Kind Gifts

Investment securities (stock, mutual fund) are welcomed.



"JMMS greatly appreciates the support of the Jackson Local Schools Foundation. We would not be able to provide innovative programming such as the Electric Car Project without such support. It makes jumping in that cold water seem not quite so bad!" - Mr. Carter, JMMS Principal

"I will be forever thankful to the Jackson Local Schools Foundation for this grant! The knowledge that was gained at this conference continues to impact student learning. Thank you, again, for this amazing opportunity!" - Ms. Lenhart, Reading Recovery Teacher


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